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Monday, February 11, 2013

Nepalska salata od pirinca i graska (Nepalese salad with rice and peas)

Sastojci: 250g pirinca, 500ml vode, 200g graska, 150ml jogurta, so, 1/2 kasicice karija u prahu, 1 kasika persuna (svezeg, sitno seckanog) ili 1 kasicica suvog, 1 kasika mirodjije (sveze, sitno seckane) ili 1 kasicica suve.

1) Skuvati pirinac u vodi, na umerenoj temperaturi, oko 20 minuta ili dok sva voda ne ispari. Ostaviti da se ohladi.
2) Skuvati grasak. Procediti.
3) Pomesati pirinac i grasak, dodati jogurt, so po ukusu, kari, persun i mirodjiju.

250g rice, 500ml water, 200g peas, 150ml buttermilk, salt, 1/2 teaspoon curry powder, 1 tablepoon parsley (fresh, finely chopped) or 1 teaspoon dried, 1 tablespoon dill (fresh, finely chopped) or 1 teaspoon dry.

1) Cook rice in water, over medium heat, for about 20 minutes or until all the water has evaporated. Allow to cool.
2) Cook peas. Drain.
3) Combine rice and peas, add the buttermilk, salt to taste, curry, parsley and dill.

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