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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sirup od breskve (Peach syrup)

Sastojci: obican sirup, 250g breskvi (iseckane na kockice).


1. Skuvati obican sirup.

2. U ciniji izgnjeciti breskve viljuskom.

3. Dodati vreo sirup, promesati i ostaviti pola sata.

4. Procediti kroz cediljku. Cvrsti deo breskve iskoristiti za kolace uz biskvit testa.

5. Moze se cuvati u staklenoj tegli do dve nedelje.

Predlog: breskve mozete iskoristiti i za Kolac od breskvi i kajsija ili za Vocni sladoled.

Ingredients: simple syrup, 250g peaches (chopped into cubes).


1. Cook simple syrup.

2. In a bowl squeeze peaches with fork.

3. Add hot syrup, stir and leave for half an hour.

4. Strain through the strainer. Peach solids use for cakes with biscuit doughs.

5. Can be stored in a glass jar for up to two weeks.

Suggestion: you can use peaches for Peaches and apricots cake or for Fruit ice cream.

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