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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bozicni medeni kolacici (Christmas honey cookies)

Sastojci: 250g margarina, 180g meda, 1 jaje, 500g brasna, 1 kasika secera, bademi

1) Umutite margarin, dodati med, secer, jaje i brasno i zamesiti testo.
2) Praviti male kuglice, svaku malo pritisnite da se spljosti, pa u sredinu svakog kolacica prstom napravite udubljenje i stavite po jedan badem.
3) Pleh namazati margarinom i peci na umerenoj temperaturi oko 180C.

Ingredients: 250g butter, 180g of honey, 1 egg, 500g flour, 1 tablespoon sugar, almonds

1) Mix margarine, add honey, sugar, egg and flour and knead the dough.
2) Form small balls, each cookie press a little to flatten, and in the middle of each cookie with your finger make a hole and put one almond.
3) Brush baking pan with margarine and bake in a moderate temperature about 180 C.

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