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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruska salata (Russian salad)

Ingredients: 3 chicken breasts, 5 carrots, 5 small potatoes, 5 eggs, 7 pickles, 500ml mayonnaise, 200g sour cream, salt.

1. Meat, carrots, potatoes and eggs boil in salted water.
2. Finely chop the meat, and grate the rest. If necessary, add salt.
3. Combine with sour cream and mayonnaise.
4. Keep in the refrigerator until serving.

Sastojci: 3 pileca bela mesa, 5 sargarepa, 5 manjih krompira, 5 jaja, 7 kiselih krastavcica, 500ml majoneza, 200g kisele pavlake, so.

1. Meso, sargarepu, krompir i jaja obarite u slanoh vodi.
2. Meso sitno iseckajte, a ostalo narendajte. Po potrebi dosolite.
3. Sjedinite sa pavlakom i majonezom.
4. Drzite u frizideru do sluzenja.

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