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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kako oljustiti paradajz (How to peel tomatoes)

Potrebno: paradajz, serpa sa vrucom vodom, serpa sa hladnom vodom.

1. U serpu sipati vodu i pustiti da prokljuca. U drugu serpu sipati vodu i dodati kocke leda.

2. Paradajzu skinuti peteljke, i na donjoj strani, plitko nozem napraviti krstic.

3. Kad voda prokljuca spustiti 3-4 paradajza i ostaviti 20-30 sekundi, ali ne vise da paradajz ne bi postao mekan.

4. Odmah prebaciti u hladnu vodu.

5. Kad se paradajz ohladio, nozem povucite kozicu od krstica i oljustiti paradajz.

Needed: tomatoes, pot with hot water, pot with cold water.

1. In deeper pot, pour water and let it boil. In another deeper pot, pour water and add ice cubes.

2. Remove stems, and at the bottom, with a knife make a shallow plus sign.

3. When the water is boiling, put down 3-4 tomatoes and leave for 20-30 seconds, but no more then that because tomatoes will become soft.

4. Immediately switch to cold water.

5. When the tomatoes are cooled, pull skin with a knife from plus sign and peel tomatoes.

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