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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Racici sa Libanskim kremom od leblebija (Shrimps with Lebanese chickpea cream)

Sastojci: libanski krem od leblebija, 20 racica, maslinovo ulje, biiber.


1) Napraviti libaski krem od leblebija.

2) Ocistiti racice. Staviti racice u hladnu vodu. Kad voda provri ocediti.

3) Na tanjir staviti krem od leblebija, preko staviti racice. Zaciniti maslinovim uljem i biberom.

Ingredients: lebanese chickpea cream, 20 shrimps, olive oil, biiber.


1) Make Lebanese chickpea cream.

2) Clean shrimp. Place the shrimp in cold water. When the water boils drain.

3) On a plate put the cream of chickpeas, put over shrimps. Put olive oil and pepper.

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