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Monday, December 22, 2014

Sok od jabuka i sargarepa (Apples and carrots juice)

Sastojci: sokovnik, 6 jabuke, 6 sargarepa, sok od jedne limete.

1) Jabuke oprati, ocistiti i iseci na cetvrtine. Sargarepe oprati i oljustiti i iseci na kolutove.
2) Sve staviti u sokovnik, sipati u bokal i zaciniti sokom od limete.

Ingredients: juicer, 6 apples, 6 carrots, juice of one lime.

1) Wash and clean apples and cut into quarters. Wash nad peel carrots and cut into slices.
2) All put in a juicer, pour into a jug and season with lime juice.

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