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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sok od sargarepe, krastavca i paradajza (Carrots, cucumber and tomatoes juice)

Za dijabetes

Sastojci: 2 sargarepe, 1 krastavac, 4 paradajza.

1) Sargarepu, krastavac i paradajze operite, oljustite i isecite na manje komade.
2) Iscedite sok u sokovniku.

Predlog 1: umesto paradajza mozete koristiti domaci sok od paradajza.
Predlog 2: mozete napraviti takodje za dijabetes Sok od sargarepe, jabuke, spanaca i celera.

Napomena: sve sveze sokove koje napravite moraju se popiti u toku dana.

For diabetes

Ingredients: 2 carrots, 1 cucumber, 4 tomatoes.

1) Wash carrots, cucumber and tomatoes, peel and cut into smaller pieces.
2) Squeeze juice in a juicer.

Suggestion 1: instead of tomatoes you can use homemade tomato juice.
Suggestion 2: you can make also for diabetes Carrots, apples, spinach and celery juice.

Note: all fresh juices you make must be drink during the day.

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