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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Voce konzervisano u rumu 3 (Fruit preserved in rum 3)

Mozete svo voce ostaviti odjednom, odnosno svo mesano voce koje se pojavljuje u jednom mesecu.

Sastojci: 3 kg voca, 3 kg secera (kristal), rum po potrebi (zavisno od velicine tegle).

1) Na svo odabrano i pripremljeno voce stavite secer, sve drvenom varjacom izmesati, napuniti ciste tegle pa naliti rumom.

Napomena: rum treba naliti u visina 3 prsta iznad nivoa voca.

2) Povezati dobro duplim celofanom i ostaviti do upotrebe (6 do 8 nedelja, a moze i duze).

You can leave all the fruit at once, or all mixed fruit which appears in one month.

Ingredients: 3 kg of fruit, 3 kg of sugar, rum, as necessary (depending on the size of the jar).

1) For all selected and prepared fruit put the sugar, mix all with the wooden spoon, fill clean jars and pour rum.

Note: you should fill the rum to the height of three fingers above the fruit.

2) Cover good with double cellophane and tie with elastic rubber bands and leave until used (6 to 8 weeks, but may take longer).

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