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Friday, December 7, 2012

Domaci vocni sok (Homemade fruit juice)

Sastojci: 1 kg dunja, 1 kg jabuka, 1 kg krusaka, 1 kg sargarepe, 1,3 kg secera, 30g limuntusa, 10 L vode.

1) Dunje, jabuke i kruske oljustiti i iseci na kocke, a sargarepu na kolutove.
2) Dunje, jabuke i kruske kuvati u dubljoj serpi (preliti vodom da prekrije voce), dok ne omeksa. Sargarepu posebno kuvati. Ocediti.
3) Voce ispasirati, vratiti u serpu, dodati vodu, secer i limuntus i prokuvati.
Napomena: ako zelite gusci sok, doliti vode do 10 L ukupno.
4) Sok sipati u tople flase, uviti u krpe i ostaviti da se ohladi. Staviti celofan i zatvoriti poklopcem.

Ingredients: 1 kg quince, 1 kg of apples, 1 kg pears, 1 kg carrot, 1.3 kg of sugar, 30g citric acid, 10 L of water.

1) Peel quince, apple and pear and cut into cubes, cut carrots into slices.
2) Cook quince, apples and pears together (pour water to cover the fruit), in a deep pot, until soften. Cooked carrots separately. Drain.
3) Blend fruits, return to pot, add water, sugar and citrci acid and bring to boil.
Note: if you want denser juice, add water to 10 L total.
4) Pour the juice in warm bottles, coat in the cloth and leave to cool. Put cellophane and close lid.

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