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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Frape od brusnica i djumbira (Cranberry and ginger smoothie)

Sastojci: 200g brusnica (borovnica), 100ml soka od brusnice (borovnica), 300ml jogurta, 1 kasika meda, 1/2 kasicice djumbira, kockice leda.

1) U blender staviti brusnice (borovnice), sok od brusnice (borovnice), jogurt, med i djumbir. Izmiksati.
2) Sipati u case i dodati kockice leda.

Ingredients: 200g cranberries (blueberry), 300ml of cranberry juice (blueberries), 300ml buttermilk, 1 teaspoon honey, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, ice cubes.

1) In a blender put cranberries (blueberry), cranberry juice (blueberry juice), buttermilk, honey and ginger. Blend.
2) Pour into glasses and add ice cubes.

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