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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cokoladni liker (Chocolate liqueur)

Sastojci: 500ml mleka, 300g secera, 50g kakaoa, 20g vanilin secera, 50ml ruma, 100g cokolade.

1) Kuvati mleko sa kakaoom, cokoladom, secerom i vanilin secerom dok se sve ne istopi i masa ujednaci.
2) Kada se smesa ohladi dodati rum, promesati i sipati u flasu.

Ingredients: 500ml of milk, 300g sugar, 50g cocoa, 20g vanilla sugar, 50ml of rum, 100g of chocolate.

1) Cook the milk with cocoa, chocolate, sugar and vanilla sugar until it is all melted and well combined.
2) Once the mixture is cooled add the rum, stir and pour into a bottle.

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